Pledging Process

For more information on the 2015 Fall semester, refer to our calendar.

Membership in the Delta Pi chapter of Delta Sigma Pi is an honor bestowed upon students of Business and Commerce. Before being initiated in our fraternity, all pledges must participate in the Pledge Education Program.

The Pledge Education Program, which lasts a total of eight weeks, is designed to prepare pledges for membership in Delta Sigma Pi. Throughout the program, pledges will become familiar with the goals, purposes, and activities undertaken by every member at the time of initiation.

The next eight weeks will also be a time of evaluation. Each chapter member will monitor your progress to determine if you, the pledge, are willing to make the life long commitment required by Delta Sigma Pi. Upon completion of the Pledge Education Program, a pledge will assume the responsibility of membership and enter our brotherhood.

Delta Sigma Pi is not just four years... but for life!

A Structure of Professional and Personal Development

From the moment you join Delta Sigma Pi, you’ll have access to events, conferences, and resources to build your professional skills, leadership abilities, management potential, and character. You’ll learn how to manage your time, how to plan a project or event, how to communicate effectively, and how to become a principled leader who makes a difference in the world. Beyond the skills that will prepare you for your career, you’ll also build friendships that will broaden your perspective and enrich your life for years to come.

Support for Lifelong Impact

Unlike other college business groups, your affiliation with Delta Sigma Pi doesn’t end after graduation. We support our members throughout their lives as they seek to make a difference in their jobs, communities, and relationships. Our resources for career development, ongoing leadership education, service, and philanthropy help Delta Sigma Pi alumni continue to grow professionally. Through local events and national conferences, alumni draw on an international network of thousands of other business professionals affiliated with Delta Sigma Pi.