Building Relationships in Your Network

Building Relationships in Your Network

Networking in the business world is like an art. Networking does not simply mean to attend an event and exchange some business cards, creating an online profile, and constantly working on your resume, it takes more than that. Developing key relationships is very important when developing your network. A true and very effective network does not consist of just like minded business people but rather a network of developed relationships in which you can comfortably state what another persons skill sets are. By taking the time to realize what another individual can offer and really getting to know them, you then realize their full potential and can pinpoint what that person can offer to you. Now a true business relationship will return the favor and really get to know your own skill set. This is a win win situation because that person will be able to translate your skills to other individuals in that persons network, picture two sets of a domino effect heading in opposite directions. Knowledge and your own expertise are key in developing your professional career but every other college graduate is doing that already, in order to set yourself apart you must be able to communicate those skills through your network effectively.

Your resume, your Facebook, your blog, and your LinkedIn are all basics in marketing yourself nowadays. None of these things are options anymore and you must use all of these things effectively just to stay in competition. Going back to face-to-face contact and really focusing on your interpersonal relationships will enable you as an individual to be remembered. We cannot rely on social media to market and promote ourselves since the masses are already doing this. Concentrating on your personal development and really caring about the relationships you create will get you where you want to be.

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Joshua D. Smith


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